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Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me
Mommy & Me Groups

This class offers mothers much more than a typical mommy and me class. Led by licensed therapists in the field of early child development, this class provides moms with the understanding of how their babies mature emotionally, cognitively, socially and physically. In addition, we help new mothers adjust to the joys and challenges of parenting. Based strongly on a mindful parenting philosophy, we teach mothers how to parent with awareness of what the present moment requires. Mindful parenting helps us to be present and attuned to baby’s inner world. Our goal is that the class be both informative and fun. The 75-minute classes include songs, exercises, music and movement, as well as education, support, and effective parenting techniques. Moms develop close relationships with other moms, and babies receive their first social experience. Moms leave with confidence and trust in themselves, as well as a wonderful support system of friends.

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earn perks when enrolling in The Pump Station Mommy & Me
All Parent & Me participants enjoy 10% off all merchandise

Our Los Angeles Area: 20% off Baby Clothes, Toys and Children's Books AND 10% off merchandise purchases in stores AND can attend the New Mother’s Support Group for only $10 ($5 savings!)


We are not able to offer trial or makeup classes. The classes are offered in 8 week sessions and continue throughout baby's first year.

So we can better help you find the proper Parent & Me Group please do one of the following:
  1. Reserve your spot today with a Parent & Me Deposit (hit Enroll Now below)
  2. or…
  3. Email us and include your little one's birth date/due date & Name, Your Email & Phone
The Pump Station: Santa Monica
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2415 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 998-1981
The Pump Station: Hollywood
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1248 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA 90038
(323) 469-5300

Mommy & Me Mommy & Me

Meet Our Instructors

Parent & Me Groups Recommended Toys: The Pump Station Family carefully selected these items because they are SAFE with lots of interesting visual and textual features. Great for little growing minds, hands, and eyes, and the babies love them, too.

Yelp Reviews What Our New Parents Are Saying
The Pump Station was my lifeline when I had my first baby! Mommy & Me was one of the most rewarding things that I did with my baby during her first year, especially as a first time mom. Every week, we came together to bond with other mommies and babies going through the same types of things that we were experiencing. We loved the nurturing and encouragement we got from the class leader, Jill Campbell, whose guided discussion topics were always mindful, timely and relevant to our babies development. - Liza B

I love the Mommy and Me Classes - I'm about to start my 3rd, 8 week session and I find it really helpful, especially as a first time mom. Our teacher covers everything from screen time, to 1st foods, to "relationship around baby" discussions. This week, we learned about using praise appropriately. The best part about these classes though, are the friends you make. We have so much fun together! - Jeni H

This group was one of the best things i ever did - I will never forget my first class. I came home and was so happy- not only had i gotten out of the house, i found others that were in the exact same place as me, No longer was I at this alone - I now had a group to lean on and learn from. This was a group where it was safe to cry, to be happy, to be mad or just zone out from complete exhaustion. I'm still friends with a lot of girls from this group 3 years later and we still all get together. I just had my second baby and I can't wait to start the mommy and me program for second time moms. - Liz P

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