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Breast Pump Rental FAQ

Rent the Medela Symphony Breastpump from the Pump StationQ. Do you ship pumps?
A. No, pumps can only be rented on-site. We have 2 locations: Santa Monica & Hollywood
Santa Monica: (310) 998-1981
Hollywood: (323) 469-5300

Q. Can anyone besides the nursing mom fill out the contract?
A. Yes, anyone with proof of their valid form of identification can sign the contract.

Q. Can anyone beside the person signing the contract pay for the breastpump rental?
A. Yes, the credit card does not need to match the person signing the contract. We just need permission from the holder of the card.

Q. Can a contract be faxed to me to fill out?
A. Yes, as long on the signature matches the ID, we can accept a faxed contract.

Q. What fees are involved in renting a pump?
A. Security Deposit and Cleaning Fee (Cleaning Fee is refundable if returned after the 1st 30 days).

Q. What is the shortest about of time I can rent a pump?
A. 30-day pre-paid with a minimum of 7 days.

Q. Do I have to return the pump to the same location I rented it?
A. No, you can return the pump to either The Pump Station in Hollywood or Santa Monica.

Q. What happens if I my pump stops working?
A. We will gladly switch your pump out as long as the problem is with the motor.

Q. What if something happens to the pump while I am renting it?
A. All repair costs and replacement fees would be the responsibility of the person who signed the contract.